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Saturday, August 20, 2005

And So It Begins...

Israel's evacuation of Gaza's Jewish communities is a victory for "Palestinian resistance" and the beginning of the destruction of the Jewish state, senior Hamas leaders said this week, announcing they would next focus their efforts on removing Israel from the West Bank.

Gaza Evacuation 'Beginning of Israel's Destruction'

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and God's blessings upon Israel.

My School Board Is Staffed With Terrorists...

A local ACLU director equated al-Qaida terrrorists with members of a Louisiana school board seeking to open their meetings with prayer.

Praying School Board Likened to Terrorists

The local ACLU has filed three lawsuits in the past 10 years on behalf of "offended parents" with children in the Tangipahoa Parish district. That's just pathetic...

Madeline Murray O'Hare Wouldn't Have Seen This Coming

A federal court of appeals ruled yesterday Wisconsin prison officials violated an inmate's rights because they did not treat atheism as a religion.

Court Rules Atheism A Religion

I wonder how the ACLU will react to this one? Seems to me, now, fighting for Atheists is a violation of the Establishment Clause!

Just Another Day...

We all (or at least most of us) get up in the mornings, get dressed, and head off for just another day at work. Earning a living for ourselves and our families generally occupies a large slice of our daily pie, and most eventually come to some sort of routine - you know, get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, eat supper, go to bed, sleep, repeat x 5, then rest for a couple of days. I've even gone so far as to mutter about wishing five days of my life away just so I could sleep in for two more days. I've learned that's a dangerous habit to allow ourselves to fall into.

Just Another Day At Work

Christ taught that we should be ready, for we never know when the Master will return. I pray that we can find it within our busy schedules to heed that teaching.

Fear NOT!

Does God care when we experience fear? Yes! Reassurances from God are plentiful throughout the Scriptures.

Facing Fear With Absolute Faith

You should never doubt that God loves you and cares for you. His direction to you in the midst of fearful and terrifying circumstances will always be, "Fear not." Why? Because God answers, "I am with you."

The Selling-Out of Our Churches

To succeed, a number of denominations and local congregations alike are seeking marketing know-how, whether among church staff or from from hired experts.

Churches Seeking Market-Saavy Breed of Pastor

"The best marketers and best salesmen will have more converts, will have more people, will take in more money.... Evangelicals are marketers because they're really passionate about their product."

Hmmm... I don't see that in my Bible...

Sorry, Cindy... You Know Not What They Do

Do you really believe that Michael Moore or the New York Slimes cares about the plight of Cindy Sheehan? Be not deceived: they use grieving activists because they know that such pawns are both handy conduits - through which they can damage political opponents and promote their agendas...

The Grieving Activist

I'll have none of it.

Slavery? Here? Again?

One African-American responded on my radio talk show by saying, “You must remember what happens to all societies that keep a slave class…in the end, they throw off their shackles and demand equality, financial fairness and a piece of the pie...

Illegal Aliens: America's New Slave Class

History illustrates that enslaved people will not tolerate continual exploitation forever.

If It's Ugly, Call It Ugly...

The super new highway systems are not American systems – they are global-corporate mandates. The super trade corridors are being built all over the world. They are not our government’s brainstorm. They are massive highway systems that we, the taxpayers, are forced to fund in nearly all countries.

Globalized America - Not a Pretty Sight

Since they can’t force us to leave all the rural and wilderness areas, they can force all jobs and businesses into business and trade corridors, and they can remove rural and wilderness roads. So, living outside of the super trade corridors will be difficult when you can’t get to work without a horse or a helicopter.

Are We the 'United' States?

There are six functions of the federal government revealed in the preamble to The Constitution of the United States of America. The first of those is "...to form a more perfect union,..."

Of the United States

We should be becoming MORE united with time if, and only if, the federal government is doing its job.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Tolerance Industry

Psychobabbler Abraham Maslow once said, "I sometimes think the world will either be saved by psychologists, in the very broadest sense, or it will not be saved at all."

This Tolerance Industry Is Killing Us

Many protestant churches began employing psychologists on staff. Jesus was no longer needed for salvation. God does not differentiate between sins. But the sins traditionalists once condemned are now being winked at in the name of tolerance.

Mao Would've Been So Proud

In California and Kentucky, the American Civil Liberties Union has gone to court to force reluctant school systems to take part in pro-homosexual promotions.

ACLU Tactics Reminiscent of Chairman Mao

A pro-family advocate feels the ACLU, in its effort to force the homosexual agenda in American schools, is using the bullying tactics of Chairman Mao to "reprogram" staff and students on the issue of homosexuality.

Here Comes the Boogeyman!

Our secular popular culture is throwing a fit over President Bush's endorsement of teaching in public schools the controversies surrounding Darwinian theory.

The Intelligent Design Boogeyman

Note that the president did not recommend that the teaching of Darwinism be banned in public schools, merely that the theory of intelligent design (ID) ought to be taught as well. Bush said, "I think part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought."

Wouldn't You Love to Take a Dip?

Workers repairing a sewage pipe in the old city of Jerusalem have discovered the biblical Pool of Siloam, a freshwater reservoir that was a major gathering place for ancient Jews making religious pilgrimages to the city and the reputed site where Jesus cured a man blind from birth, according to the Gospel of John.

Biblical Pool of Siloam Uncovered in Jerusalem

The discovery puts a new spotlight on what is called the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a trip that religious law required ancient Jews to make at least once a year.

So What Is Justice, Really?

What is justice? It's a threshold question for any society. The classic definition handed down through the ages is simply seeing that "each person gets his due." Fair enough. But secular liberals and secular conservatives today interpret this very differently—and their views translate into very different public policies.

What Is Justice?

The problem is that humans don't behave the way we should in order for human society to function as God intends.

Feel United Yet?

Everyone knows the Supreme Court ruled that one kind of Ten Commandments display on government property is unconstitutional, but that another kind is acceptable. But no one—including the Supreme Court itself—seems to be able to explain why.

Broken Tablets

So are Commandments displays worth it?

Jesus, Inc.

Here are lights flashing, there is music pumping, there is dry ice fogging the air and everywhere you look there are people on their feet, clapping enthusiastically. There are people all around - to the front, to the sides, behind, above, below. People. More than you can count. People everywhere. Suddenly, amid all of this, on the stage in front, a full band emerges from a sunken riser, rocking out and swaying as the people clap and whoop. There is a choir dressed in purple and blue and they are clapping and swaying as well. It's 8.30 on a Sunday morning and we are here to praise the Lord.

Jesus, Inc. Welcome to the World's Biggest Church

Feel good. Make money. Oh, and praise God.

Living On the Verge of History

Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar believes the Earth will soon see the coming a Messiah to judge all mankind.

Chief Rabbi Sees Imminent Coming of Messiah

"We are living on the verge of history," he said. "It can be felt everywhere."

Religion In School? Not Here!

A Spanish teacher at Tabb High School has sued the York County School Division, saying school officials violated his right to free speech by tearing down posters and other items with religious themes from his classroom wall.

Teacher Cites Bias, Sues York Schools

The 'Darkest Day'

With Jews in Israel and around the world marking the darkest day of their history by fasting and reading the Book of Lamentations, the Jewish state today prepares to expel its residents from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, and a nation once again braces for the possibility of tragedy.

On Jew's 'Darkest Day' Expulsion Set To Begin

After being kicked out and expelled so many times by other nations, who would ever believe the Jewish people would be doing the expelling?