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Saturday, August 27, 2005

What About the Person Sitting Next to You?

During a conference that I attended several years ago, Tony Campolo recounted one of the witnessing strategies he had used while on a commercial flight. He had simply closed his eyes and focused on the passenger beside him. Before long a conversation opened up in which he was able to share the gospel.

Planes, Trains, and the Timid Evangelist

I decided to go for the gusto. "If you were to die tonight and God were to say to you, 'Why should I let you into heaven?' what would your answer be?"

Buy 'Em the Books, Send 'Em to School, But...

Too many "educated" Christians have gotten lots of information but are the least Christ-like.

Informed, But Not Transformed

Too often there seems to be a direct correlation between knowledge about theology on the one hand and arrogance, contentiousness, and an uncharitable spirit on the other. No one is in favor of ignorance, but mere knowledge that "puffs up," as Paul points out, isn't much better.

Amazing Grace...

For a long time, people have thought that Christianity always has a catch. It’s that little hesitancy that people have in the back of their minds that’s just waiting for that all-too-familiar Christian punch line. When they don’t hear one, they get uneasy. They don’t get it, and that part they don’t get—it's grace.

The Second Mile

Grace is surprising. That’s the way it should be.

The Power of Love

What's so great about science fiction and fantasy is that the evil guys never understand what motivates the good guys. In the end, love conquers all whether the outcome is happy or tragic for the good guys. What's so great about this genre is that it recognizes that love is THE conqueror. It is the one thing that destroys evil once and for all.

Overcoming Evil

To me, this sounds a lot like God.


We first encountered this usage of the word during the early 1990s, when “transformation” came to be associated with the massive plan to overhaul our nation’s education system.

What is Transformation?

In today’s neo-evangelical church, the term “transformation” is currently in vogue.

Jew vs. Jew

It’s been all over the news lately that in the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jew has now turned against Jew.

The Day of Reckoning

Israeli soldiers have been forcibly removing Jewish families and entire communities from their homes and properties in anguish and in tears for, of all things, the sake of peace; the result of an ungodly agreement between Israeli leaders and Palestinian terrorists whereby Israel willingly exchanges certain parts of God’s Covenant Land in hopes of co-existing peaceably with its sworn enemy.

What Kind of Organization Is This?

Why does the work of the gospel have to be managed at all?

Lose Control

It occurs to me that our need to organize, to create structure for, to institutionalize good works (or any of the functions of the Church [the true Church, not the organizational church]) stems from a craving to control (and a willingness to be controlled, I suppose).

Don't Mess With Nina Shea!

Nina Shea is not someone to tangle with. And the persecuted are mighty glad.

The 'Daniel' of Religious Rights

Shea has been advocating relentlessly for human rights for decades now, yet her passion is as palpable as ever—so much so that colleagues must edit some of her "stronger adjectives" from CRF reports. Her outspoken advocacy has provoked the ire of foreign and State Department officials alike.