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Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Where do I donate to the ACLU relief fund?"

As you read this, we will once again be in New Orleans feeding the hungry, clothing, the naked, giving water to the thirsty, and bringing hope to the disheartened.

Katrina, Just Some Thoughts

The City of New Orleans is America’s cesspool. Much of Central US dumps into the Mississippi River, which dumps into New Orleans, and the septic tank is full.

Maybe I missed it. Did anyone see truck loads of supplies from the atheist’s organizations?

Get Out Now, Or We're Comin' In To Getcha!

"All Our Visitors Bring Happiness," reads the wrought iron sign on the front column of Albert Cousin's 102-year-old Victorian house.

Not Wednesday.

St. Bernard Residents Told To Leave, Or Else

Sheriff's deputies in body armor and holding rifles came to try to force Cousin and other residents of St. Bernard Parish to get out of town.

Some People Can't Take a Hint...

New Orleans's business leaders and power brokers are concocting big plans, the most important being reopening the French Quarter within 90 days.

New Orleans Executives Plan Revival

Also under discussion are plans to stage a scaled-down Mardi Gras at the end of February and to lobby for one of the 2008 presidential nominating conventions and perhaps the next available Super Bowl.

Losing Everything in New Orleans

When Hurricane Katrina unleashed its fury along the Gulf Coast on August 28, Steve and Theresa McKnight lost their home, their church and hundreds of dollars in diapers, toys and clothes that were given to them at a baby shower two weeks earlier.

Losing Everything In New Orleans

It was painful to lose their new crib and the 100 new chairs they recently bought for their church, River of Life Worship Center, located a few miles east of New Orleans. But what hurts most, they say, is that they have heard from only three church families since the day the McKnights loaded their car and drove to Alabama to escape the killer storm.

It's Gonna Be Your Turn Next...

In America they came first for the Muslims and I didn’t speak up because I am not a Muslim. Then they came for the property owners and I didn’t speak up because I am not a property owner in Arizona or New London, Connecticut. Then they came for the Christians and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t attend that gay rights festival in Philadelphia. Next they came for the disabled but I didn’t speak up because I am healthy. Next they came for the enemy combatant and I didn’t speak up because I am not combative. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Wake Up, Christians! It's the Eleventh Hour!

What an abusive, ‘unaccountable to their constituent’ government is allowed to do to someone – they will ultimately arbitrarily do to everyone.

Anatomy of a Grief

I remember wrapping my way around the cathedral as the November evening settled, pretending to myself that I was in the throes of religious rapture even though I wasn't entirely sure there was even a God out there.

Anatomy of a Grief

It wouldn't have done any good to tell me so then, but now I notice that there is something selfish about grief.

Intellectual Skepticism vs. Vibrant Christian Faith

The Ivy League has always attracted America's best and brightest. Three centuries ago, that meant rising generations of clergy. Harvard's Puritan founders intended "to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity, dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches."

The Holy and the Ivy

Dartmouth's motto—"a voice crying out in the wilderness," taken from Isaiah 40:3—reflects the school's beginnings as a frontier outpost for missionaries to Native Americans. Dartmouth's current interpretation of the motto, however, reflects the spiritual state of these schools today: "Although the college is now secular," Dartmouth's chapel website says, "the motto is still symbolic of the college's voice of intellectual enlightenment in our beautiful natural surroundings."

What Do You Know About 'New Age'?

The media, our friends, family-and unfortunately, even some pulpits-challenge us to "find our inner strength." These words might seem harmless to you, even encouraging and uplifting, but the truth is that these messages have their roots in the New Age Movement...a movement that is a very real danger to you and your family.

A Spirituality That Kills

The devil is deceptive and charming-a wolf in sheep's clothing. And one of his greatest disguises is in the New Age Movement. Yet, many don't even realize it!

"...the acrid taste of dread..."

You want to go to church; just not your church. Your church is a 'good' church. The music is tolerable, the people are fine, the sermon is okay - mostly based on Scripture. But the whole experience slips over your soul like unflavored gelatin - tasteless and fluffy.

When Good Churches Aren't Good Enough

Sound familiar? And that's the experience of clergy and laity alike. In a world desperate for Truth, a good church just isn't good enough.

The Ramblings of a 30-Year Old Virgin

Women must hold a degree in forensic investigations and have read at least three Sherlock Holmes novels to find a godly man in today's dating environment.

The Extinction of Men

From what I understand, the San Diego Zoo now has a Christian Man Exhibit, located right between the rare Black-Footed Ferret and the prized Asian Pandas.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Please Help The Victims of Katrina

Here are some key ways - but, by far, not the only ways - to help the struggling victims of one of the worst natural disasters in American history:

10 Ways You Can Help Disaster Victims

Many cities and towns across the country are pitching in to give badly needed assistance to the victims of this horrific storm. Even if all you can donate is a moment of prayer, please do. While so many would silent the voice of Christ in this country, we can still make certain that He is heard loud and clear. Thank you and may God bless you.

"And I watched it all on CNN..."

In a very real sense, my hometown no longer exists. I am from Biloxi, Miss. My family members are there now, enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina despite pleas to evacuate. The house I grew up in is a complete catastrophe, but at least it was not completely swept away.

Christ, Katrina and My Hometown

And as I spend most of the night praying and flipping from CNN to FOX News to MSNBC, I am reminded of how unnatural natural disasters really are.


This is a time to stop worrying about who is in power and start doing whatever it takes to help those who are suffering from the effects of Katrina.


If nothing else, carry buckets of water over to the levies and pour some water back into the Gulf of Mexico. Be a REAL part of the human race and show the compassion of action.

You tell 'em, Joe!

Let's Keep It Moving, People...

With the Hurricane Katrina disaster still unfolding, events at the United Nations might not seem of much consequence. But if resources are truly in short supply in dealing with domestic problems, it is worth noting that a major push is underway to force the U.S. to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the rest of the world through a global tax.

Billions for the UN, None for Katrina?

Globalization. Forget your tired, your poor, your hungry huddled masses - just give us your money and sit down.

You Grab Some Food, I'm Gonna Go Look At The TV's...

People will either be self-disciplined or need the whip of tyranny, to paraphrase the famous 19th century sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville. He noted that the United States was self-disciplined because it was a deeply religious and Christian people.

Looting and the Liberal Elite

For 50 years, however, the media, in cahoots with the self-appointed nomenklatura of the educational establishment, have ripped religious values out of the public square and out of the educational system serving our children.

No Prayer In School! Oh, You're Muslim...?

If you mention the name 'Jesus', or attempt to utter a Christian prayer in a public school in the United States, an ACLU lawyer will break his leg trying to get the suit filed. But, evidently that only counts if your praying to Jesus...

Muslim Parents Gain Momentum in Schools

In New Jersey, Muslim students are allowed to use an empty classroom to unfurl their prayer rug, face Mecca and touch their head to the floor in a few moments of worship. Welcome to the Christian persecution segment of American history...

Tuning In To Jesus

Today's intentional communities are very different, and very similar to, those formed in the '70s.

Drop Out and Tune In to Jesus

Timothy Miller, a historian who has studied '60s communes, guesses that there were several thousand Christian communes in total from the late '60s to the late '70s. It probably blows away anything that's going on today. A lot only lasted six months or a year, but the fact that they existed at all in the context of American middle-class society and typical evangelical ways of constituting churches and households makes it stand out.

Don't Do That Here...

Telling underage kids not to have sex is surprisingly controversial. Can we be good without God? The question seems somehow abstract, a topic for Atlantic Monthly cover stories and college seminars more than practical applications. So here's another question: Can we keep our pants on?

Abolishing Abstinence

Ironically, the group that often answers "yes" to the first question says "no" to the second. And some believe that not only can't we stay chaste, but we should not.

These people obviously don't read their Bible as much as they should...

Yeah, I'm Ready - Can You Give Me A Minute?

Why is it so hard to be 'heavenly-minded'?

Come, Lord Jesus - But Not Too Soon

It is hard to wait for what we cannot see; harder yet to long for what we do not know. Fortunately for us, the apostle goes on to say that God has revealed these things to us by his Spirit.

Methodists, Gays & the KKK - Only in America...

About a dozen members of the Ku Klux Klan protested Saturday outside a meeting of United Methodists who want gays welcomed in all aspects of church life.

KKK Protests Methodists Meeting On Acceptance of Gays

"There's no drag queen shows here this weekend," said the Rev. Monica Corsaro, spokeswoman Reconciling Ministries, the sponsor of the meeting that ends Monday. "There are just ordinary folks that you would see anywhere, anytime in America."

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the building...