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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Those Who Ignored Warnings Now Heroes?

In stark contrast to our own totalled controlled and biased media, the London Telegraph has it's own unique perspective on those who chose to ignore the warnings - and orders - to evacuate New Orleans.

Threatened With Eviction At Gunpoint, The Big Easy Holdouts Are Now Hailed As Heroes

And I quote: "In a remarkable U-turn, the authorities - who had previously reviled, goaded and even threatened force against the few hundred remaining 'holdouts' - are hailing them as examples of the indomitable spirit needed to rebuild the 'Big Easy'."

Does this smell fishy - or is it just me?

There's Good in Everything - If You Just Look in the Right Places

If you’re tired of all the bad news about the Gulf Coast disaster, be patient. Good reports are arriving by the truckload every day.

Katrina's Cloud Had a Silver Lining

I expect by the time all the water is pumped out of New Orleans and the electricity has been restored to Gulfport we’ll have heard of a thousand more small miracles. They all prove that God can use the darkest tragedy as a backdrop for His tender mercy.

Ministry In The Astrodome - And Beyond

In T-shirts and pajama bottoms they'd worn for four days and shoes caked in New Orleans sludge, Christopher and Monika Sheppard arrived at Houston's Astrodome. In one arm was a cardboard box that held all they owned that the rising waters didn't snatch before they escaped. In another arm was their 16-month-old son, Jackson, quiet with fever and clutching a baby bottle.

"I Was A Stanger..."

They joined an ever-growing number of those made homeless when levees broke following Hurricane Katrina's rampage through Louisiana last week. Although the family owned a car, like many residents of the below-sea-level city who weathered the storm in their homes, they stayed because they had no place to go outside New Orleans and thought they could ride it out.

Lessons From Lives Rebuilt

Mimi Doe was only 10 years old in August 1969 when hurricane Camille, a Category 5 storm, pounded the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It leveled her family's beachfront home in Pass Christian, Miss. In an instant, the antebellum-style house with white pillars was gone. So was everything in it - family antiques and heirlooms, legal papers and documents, toys and photo albums.

After Catastrophe, Lessons From Lives Rebuilt

"People who have had this forced on them often make changes," says Al Siebert, a psychologist specializing in resiliency. "In the process of doing this, they discover a better version of themselves. They find different skills and abilities."

Welcome to California! Please Leave God Outside

U.S. judge says 'under God' phrase violates right of Sacramento-area schoolchildren to be free from a requirement to affirm a deity.

Pledge Again Ruled Unconstitutional

Remind me... didn't this judge place his hand on a Bible and swear "so help me God" before he planted his butt on the bench? Is there some contradiction here, or what?

Christian Charity Seeks Militant Jesus

The church is to draw on images of two of the most famous Communist revolutionaries of the 20th century in an advertising campaign aimed at ending the perception of Christ as a "wimp in a white nightie".
Bold, red posters featuring Jesus as a baby play on the idea of the infant Christ as the South American guerrilla fighter Che Guevara or the Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

Christian Charity Hopes Agitprop Art Will Oust 'Wimp' Image of Jesus

"We are not saying that Christians should take up armed struggle or be Communists, although there are similarities between Communism and Christianity. This is a vehicle to convey the message that Christianity actually is revolutionary."

Sex Sells... Now What Do We Do About It?

For sure, there is nothing new under the sun. Since the dawn of entertainment, sex has been used as a selling point.

Facing a Modern Goliath: Sex Marketed to Our Kids

But today’s parents fight battles much deadlier than the ones my parents fought or their parents before them. And, they fight them whether they want to or not. In fact, if you are a parent or grandparent and have any form of entertainment technology in your home, you are smack in the middle of pornography’s invasion into the life of your child or grandchild. Statistics, even those concerning Christian teens, are staggering. It’s as if the war against the Christian family is nearly at an end…with the Christian family on the losing side.

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates... Right?

Life is full of unexpected surprises right? Try as we might, well-orchestrated plans unravel at the last minute. It's like there's some law of physics or force of nature that exists just for this purpose -- to make sure we never quite know how life will turn out.

Searching for Home

Knowing I have a true home that awaits me -- a permanent home that far exceeds any earthly home, yet mysteriously includes all the comforts and familiarities of my parent's living room -- sheds new light on my situation.

Can You Hear Him Calling?

Portions of scripture seem to skip over some very helpful things. Now, don't brand me as a heretic. Work with me on this. For example, in Genesis 12 God shows up and tells Abram to pack his stuff and move to another country — and he does. That's right, the very next verse says, "He went ..."

Calling and Obedience

Wait, what about the list of pros and cons? What about the time-to-pray-about-it weekend retreat? Or, what about the conversation that must have happened between Abram and his wife, Sarai? That would have been great to hear.

Love 'Em - Just As They Are

Even though some of Christ's immature followers refuse to be inclusive, God's word teaches that he himself welcomes penitent, baptized believers into his church regardless of their background or circumstances. He pays no attention to family connections, socio-economic class, education, race, nationality, gender or the kind of life they used to live. All who submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ through faith and obedience can become "fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household."

Christianity: A Divine Paradox

Excluding someone whom Jesus has included is a sin, and so is including a person whom God has excluded from his family. Whether Jesus includes or excludes people from God's spiritual family, he still challenges us to love and reach out to them in kindness.