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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Editor's Note...

We apologize for not posting a weekly update in the week immediately following hurricane Rita, and appreciate the fact that you're here again this week to see what we've got to offer! Thanks for visiting, and may God Almighty continue to be with you.

- Kitty, Editor

It's Time to Do This RIGHT!

The Bush administration has asked the Supreme Court to hear a case that could reinstate a ban on partial-birth abortions. The request was made last week, asking the Court to reverse a ruling by a federal appeals court that said banning the practice was unconstitutional.

Supreme Court Asked to Reinstate Partial Birth Abortion Ban

It's time for our nation to get it right. Abortion is murder - plain and simple. Call it what it should be. Illegal.


Prayer. The Word of God. Spiritual gifts. The sacraments. Social justice. Pursuit of holiness. Christian disciplines. These are the rivers of Christian tradition that flow into the interdenominational sea of small groups called Renovaré.

The Making of the Christian

It's impossible to say how many of these spiritual formation groups function worldwide, because the group's leaders say that "it would be a failure" if they counted them. They're not into numbers and organizational growth charts.

Would That Be Enough?

Jesus willingly went to the cross of Calvary to die a substitutionary death to pay a sin debt we owed, but dare not try to pay. He paid the debt we owed to God for the sin in our lives.

Once Is Enough

If Jesus never, ever did anything else for us, would that be enough?

Faith and Fairy Tales

Once there was a land where religion had not yet been forgotten. To be sure, it was declining in importance, for the people were busy and prosperous. But most of them carried a vestigial memory of their ancestral faith. And for the children of these not-yet-faithless people, a man of great learning and warm imagination wrote stories that quickly became beloved.

Of Wardrobes and Potters

A generation of schoolchildren read them at night, dreaming of worlds inside wardrobes.

All Show and No Go? What's the Point?

Some people think of Jesus as being a passive man who let others push Him around for the sake of the Gospel. He was no pushover. And those around Him knew it! When it came to purity and serving His heavenly Father, Jesus was serious.

Holiness: Pretty or Powerful?

The holiness & purity I desire is not a set of requirements so I can feel as if I've arrived. That's like putting a fresh coat of paint on a car with no engine. It looks the part, but has no power.

The Truth of Hydroplaning...

And just for the record, hydroplaning is not one of my favorite past-times. In one eery instant, my foot braked, my heart lurched, and my spirit sent up an S.O. S. I don't like losing control of my car.

A Soul On Her Knees

Perhaps "S.O.S." really means "surrender of my spirit" into His hands.

Not Because of Us - Because of Him

Every Christian will say we are saved by grace - that we do not merit God's forgiveness and love; that in His mercy, He has embraced us into a relationship with Him. Intellectually, we believe this statement, but how many of us truely have this fact rooted into our whole beings? Cause many a time, our behaviours betray what we profess.

Our Soul's True Anchor

God does not love us because we are good, God loves us because He is good.

Ripe for the Plunder...

America’s disintegration accelerates--driven by money, power and novel for this century--critical mass. This country suffers a free fall because most Americans sit clueless in their Lazy Boys while a silent invasion undermines this nation’s ability to function.

The Fractured States of America

If ever a country was ripe for plundering, this nation mirrors the fall of the Roman Empire.

What Voices Are You Listening To?

In a great song from my Casting Crowns CD, the lyric says, "I will listen to the voice of truth." In this article from Paul Proctor, recent 'heroic' events are once again dismembered, displayed and commented upon.


What voices are you listening to?