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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Panhandling Evangelism?

A pair of Boston-area sidewalk evangelists – one of whom is confined to a wheelchair – claim they were roughed up by city police for little more than trying to spread the Gospel.

Sidewalk Evangelists Beaten By Police?

The Boston Herald reports Ann Cataldo, 50, and friend Ann Hayden, 35, "officially" were arrested for "panhandling" – requesting money from passers-by on the street – but they maintain they only were passing out religious literature for donations.

Caution: No Speech Zone Dead Ahead

A judge who declared all public areas of Los Angeles County courthouses "no speech zones" has been hit with a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Judge Sued For Ordering 'No Speech Zones'

According to the complaint filed Thursday, a general order issued Sept. 13 by California Superior Court Judge William MacLaughlin "prohibits such free speech activities as picketing, distribution of literature, and demonstration."

Strange Days, Indeed...

The generations now living have witnessed an explosion of knowledge, the collapse of distance, the rising and falling of empires. Cultures and societies have been radically transformed, and expansive wealth has brought great material comfort even as the most basic structures of society are undermined. Families are fractured, lawlessness abounds, violence invades, and the media bring a constant stream of chaos into our lives.

Strange Days: Apologetics In A Post Modern Age

The reality of truth is itself denied. Postmodern Americans accept meaning as a replacement for truth, and exchange worldviews as quickly as they try on new clothes.

Grace That Surprises

GRACE is the love that takes us by surprise. It's the help we hadn't counted on, the kindness we didn't think we deserved. And maybe we don't, but it's there anyway,and this is how we survive most of our disasters.

Grace That Surprises

Quotations to stir the heart and mind, compiled by Richard A. Kauffman

Toxic Christians

Some of my friends are so negative, discouraging, and judgmental. It seems as if the Christians are the worst! I know I should try to be a good influence on them, but it's difficult to be around such negativity all the time. What should I do?

Toxic Christians

Sometimes God does put difficult people in our lives, so that we can minister to their needs and serve as godly role models—whether they appreciate it or not!

No More Mr. Nice Group

God has entrusted us with his most precious treasure—people. He asks us to shepherd and mold them into strong disciples, with brave faith, and good character. I would not give my life to any church that was not serious about this calling—the transformation of human beings. God has decided, for his own good reasons, that people are not transformed outside of community.

No More Mr. Nice Group

Here are 5 practices that take small groups beyond polite "sharing" to the disciplines that change lives.

Being Alone In The Crowd

Everyone suffers moments of loneliness. Mine came during a church retreat.

Quarantining A Generation

I wondered why, surrounded by the body of Christ, I would feel so spiritually isolated. After all, didn't Christ establish the church as a support system where people could belong? Why, then, do we as young adults struggle to find our place in churches? Perhaps the answer lies in a movement that is radically changing the face of the church.

Being Holy

How often do you find yourself anxious about a particular problem or circumstance? Sometimes it might consume your thoughts. You may feel as if you've got to do something or things will never get better.

Take Time To Be Holy

We should question our reasoning and listen for answers like "I have no choice" or "I have to do something". If we accept reasons like those we will certainly fail to take the time to be holy. If we take time to be holy we'll find our mind free to dwell on those things that God intended.

Love At Long Range

This blogging thing is very interesting. I feel a bond with every one of the people whose blogs I regularly visit, and who regularly visit me. I suppose you each have the same experience.

Loving Each Other (From A Distance)

I really, really like reading your thoughts. I really, really like that you come read mine. Somebody explain all of this to me.

Internet Snares & Emotional Intrusions

Needing a change, I enrolled in a local community college. I met Stephanie my first semester. We attended several classes together. I learned her father worked for the same company I did, and Stephanie and I both had a child the same age. She was stuck in an unsatisfying relationship with her live-in boyfriend; I was disillusioned in my marriage. We connected instantly, sharing long conversations over lunch, in-between classes, and sometimes even during class.

I Had An Emotional Affair

Though my job requires that I correspond with colleagues, male and female, through e-mail and instant messaging, I limit my conversations to work-related topics. If a conversation drifts to a personal tone, I end it. I also meet with six other men to share, study, and pray on Sunday mornings.